Boston Paranormal Investigators

Boston Paranormal Investigators was formed in March, 2006, to promote research into all aspects of the paranormal - hauntings, UFOs, parapsychology, and any other topics that fit under this umbrella - throughout the Northeast.

Members enjoy the following benefits:

We also focus on sharing our findings and educating the general public on these subjects by training and lecturing, helping to produce films, programs, and books, and participating in local and regional conventions and other events.

In our research, we basically take a scientific approach, and we try to find natural explanations for reported phenomena while keeping an open mind. Additionally, we attempt to capture measurable, verifiable evidence using such tools as nightvision camcorders, EMF meters, remote temperature sensors, digital voice recorders, Geiger counters, motion sensors, digital still cameras, and similar technologies. In addition, we recognize the complementary value of psychics, sensitives, mediums, and others, and welcome their assistance.

We presently have a core group of between 10 and 15 investigators, hold monthly meetings, and conduct an investigation every one or two months.

If you are interested in joining our team, want to ask us a question, arrange for a speaker or presentation, or request help with a haunting, possession, or other problem, please use our contact us section.

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